Brendan Fraser Says Oscar Nomination ‘Changed My Life’

Brendan Fraser Says Oscar Nomination ‘Changed My Life’

In his interview with GQ in 2018, Fraser revealed that Griffin is on the autism spectrum. “He needs extra love in the world, and he gets it,” he said of his then-15-year-old son. Fraser and Smith split in December 2007, and the former couple has continued to co-parent their children together, with Fraser noting in a 2018 GQ interview that his children visit him “all the time.” Though he had the bad luck of playing a lead role in the shelved “Batgirl” movie, there are high hopes for his portrayal of a lawyer in Martin Scorsese’s Western, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” slated for a 2023 release.

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Keep reading to learn more about Brendan’s relationship with Jeanne, and his former marriage to Afton. The 54-year-old underwent a laminectomy twice, had a partial knee replacement, and had vocal cords repair surgery — all within seven years. Though he did not appear in any major blockbuster films all through that time, he still took a few roles while dealing with his health. In 2015, he starred in Texas Rising, a miniseries which focuses on the Texas Revolution.

If this post brings up any issues for you, or if you just feel like you need to speak to someone, please call 1800 RESPECT – the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service. It doesn’t matter where you live, they will take your call and, if need be, refer you to a service closer to home. After the interview aired, fans pointed out that the actor looked “sad”, leading fans to launch a petition titled ‘Bring Brendan Fraser back into film/television’. The alleged assault coupled with Fraser’s subsequent divorce launched Fraser into a depression.

In a 2021 interview with Unilad, Fraser teased what fans can expect from the film. “It’s gonna be like something you haven’t seen before. That’s really all I can tell you… The wardrobe and costume was extensive, seamless, cumbersome.” According to Variety, this marks the actor’s first leading role since 2013’s Breakout. He had a role in last year’s No Sudden Move, plus recent TV stints on shows like Doom Patrol, The Affair and Trust. Fraser plays the villain in the upcoming Batgirl movie, as well.

Unfortunately, not many other details are known regarding their children as the couple highly values their privacy and choose to keep their lives and affairs away from the public eyes. His most memorable, and most beloved, role to this day, however, is that of Rick O’Connell in “The Mummy” trilogy, where he worked alongside Rachel Weisz. In the film, Fraser plays 17-year-old David Greene, who attends the fictional St. Matthew’s Academy on a football scholarship. It’s there that he meets fellow player Charlie Dillon, played by Damon.

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George of the Jungle, a movie from 1997 that was adapted from the Jay Ward-created animated program of the same name, gave him his first significant box office triumph. Brendan James Fraser was born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, United States. Fraser first appeared in the movie, Dogfight and portrayed the role of a Seaman on his way to Vietnam in 1991. He portrayed a preserved prehistoric barbarian who gets brought down in the current day in the comedy movie Encino Man in 1992, and it was his first main role. I had three refrigerators delivered to my house before I finally got one that worked, after one that was only two years old died. Because of all the gross-out jokes I don’t think I would want kids to see this, and that must have hurt box office because I think kids might have been part of the target audience, but it hit the spot for this adult.

Fraser later claimed in an interview with GQ in February 2018 that Philip Berk, the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, had sexually assaulted him. The alleged encounter with Berk was one of the reasons Encino Man star decided to step away from the spotlight. The actor Brendan Fraser is well known for his prominent parts in blockbuster, comedic, and drama movies. ‘In the following years, Fraser appeared in a number of small roles in films such as School Ties, The Scout, With Honors and Airheads.’ – Not sure 3 lead roles and the top supporting actor would be classified as ‘small roles’. But the star isn’t taking it all lying done as he’s already started to regain control of his life and is on the verge of making a comeback. In addition to his recent role in FX’s Trust, he is set to appear in two upcoming films later this year.

The couple made their red-carpet debut at the 79th annual Venice International Film Festival. Since then, Moore has accompanied Fraser to several events, including the Mill Valley Film Festival, the GQ Men of the Year Party and the 2022 Gotham Awards. Both Moore and the Scrubs alum keep their personal lives private, so not much is known about how the two met or even when the couple officially started dating.

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She even went to school at California State University, Fullerton to study marketing.

With films like The Mummy franchise, Journey to the Center of the Earth , and others, Fraser has spent a good portion of his career playing highly physical roles that took a toll on his body. As Fraser told GQ, by the late 2000s, he had endured several surgeries, including a laminectomy, a partial knee replacement, spinal procedures, and vocal cord surgery. Most recently, his sons Holden and Leland made a rare public appearance as they joined Fraser for a screening of his film The Whale. That is until director Darren Aronofsky resurrected his career withThe Whale, which is based on the play by Samuel D. Hunter of the same name. Fraser is said to have been paid $12 million for the lead role of Charlie—a gay man who tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter while suffering a myriad of health problems due to his morbid obesity. When the film screened at the Venice Film Festival in September 2022, Fraser received a six-minute standing ovation which left him visibly emotional.

The Oscar nominee was not in attendance at the January awards show after previously sharing that the HFPA had not reconciled or apologized to him in a meaningful way after he was allegedly groped by a now-expelled member. “Honestly, my mother didn’t raise a hypocrite, and I didn’t wanna sit and feel like I really don’t know if I want this,” he told Stern. Fraser shares sons Leland, 16, Holden, 18, and Griffin, 20, with ex-wife Afton Smith. His 20-year marriage to Afton Smith fell apart and they officially divorced that same year.

Fraser and Smith welcomed their son Holden on Aug. 16, 2004. In his interview with GQ, Fraser opened up about his youngest sons’ special bond with Griffin. “Ever since they were small, one was always the spokesperson and the other was the enforcer.” The father of three also spoke about the struggles many parents face while advocating for their children with autism. “You’re going to encounter a lot of really colorful people, and how you navigate that comes down to how much you know that everything’s going to be okay,” he explained.

Their mothers reside with their mother in Greenwich, Connecticut, a short distance from his house in Bedford, New York, in 2018. Jeanne Moore is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist based in both Los Angeles and New York. According to the website, she runs her own business, Jeanne Makes You Up.

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