Freedom Of Information Laws By Country Wikipedia

Freedom Of Information Laws By Country Wikipedia

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Law on Access to Public Information was adopted 13 January 2011 and go into force from 9 May 2011. It widens the range of subjects, obliged to provide information, gives legislative definition of public information and makes public information accessible with statutory restrictions. For the purposes of paragraphs and the law shall lay down a maximum time limit for responses by the Administration.” The House of Representatives passed the Bill on 24 February 2011, and the Senate dialled up integrity on 16 March as it delivered on promise to pass it. In Hong Kong there are no laws specifically enacted to guarantee the freedom of information. In France, the accountability of public servants is a constitutional right, according to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

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Both states are under the ruling of the federal opposition Pakatan Rakyat. The Law on Free Access to Information of Public Character was adopted on 25 January 2006. It is scheduled to go into force in September 2006.The law allows any natural or legal person to obtain information from state and municipal bodies and natural and legal persons who are performing public functions. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf signed the Freedom of Information Act of 2010 into law in October 2010.

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FOI requests are submitted free of charge but processing of documents by public authorities may require the public to pay fees which never exceed Eur 40. When access to documents is refused, the FOIA in Malta provides for a complaint and appeal mechanism that can be ultimately resolved through the Courts of Appeal. A related concept is open meetings legislation, which allows access to government meetings, not just to the records of them.

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