How To Wire A Car Stereo Wire Color Meanings

How To Wire A Car Stereo Wire Color Meanings

We know that aesthetics matter, and each of our car audio components is stylishly designed to complement the look of your car’s interior. More accurate sound is achieved by using an assortment of speakers dedicated to reproducing a smaller segment of the sound. Tweeters push the high frequencies, mid-range speakers push middle frequencies, and subwoofers push the low frequencies or bass. RF amps bring out all the potential in your speakers and subs. In 2013, I joined the Creative team as a writer for our mobile audio categories. I still pull on those countless hours of conversations with our customers when I’m researching new products.

Step 5: Setting Your Gain, Matching Power

As you have found the longest wire of your PSU, you will notice several wires in this longest cable. What you are about to do is, you will connect these wires to create a loop. You wonder, can you pull out your car amplifier and sound system and play t in your home. There can be several different conditions where you may want to use your amplifier in your home. By using all the products in your setup, you can easily get your car amplifier to be used at home.

Scotch Locks use a metal “guillotine” that when pressed into the wires, cuts through the jacket of the wire to contact the wire strands and act as a conductor between the two wires. If I’m not mistaken, that amplifier has 40A fuse so you should get something that can supply more than that. Simply do everything as described before, but when you raise volume up listen to change in sound. It’s hard to describe it but you will notice that your speaker will change sound when it starts to distort. Again make sure you do this at multiple frequencies to ensure output is completely clean. If you wired everything correctly, you can turn on your amplifier now.

We’ll give you some tips for finding the stereo that’s right for you. In some vehicles, you might have to make modifications to the dash opening or the area inside (what we refer to as the “dash substructure”) in order to install a new stereo. If this is the case for your vehicle, we’ll warn you about it when you’re shopping on our site, and also in your Crutchfield MasterSheet. And once again, don’t hesitate to call our tech support crew if you need any guidance. With the old radio out of the way, it’s time to focus on the new one. That involves connecting all the wires and then installing the stereo in the dash.

Connecting the head unit to a backup power source

If you however still choose car amplifier then continue reading as i will try to provide as many information about it as i can. Post listings of car audio equipment you’re wanting to buy only. Post all general car audio discussion topics here, including old school and advanced. Don’t work on your vehicle before you disconnect the power since you could get shocked or damage the components. If you don’t feel comfortable installing the amp on your own, hire a professional service to do it for you. You can buy fuses and fuse holders from a hardware or automotive store if your installation kit didn’t have one.

It looks like you’ll have to hard-wire an LOC or an amplifier with high-level inputs into the Honda’s system for your upgrade. Working in a music store in Austin, Texas, I spent a few years manufacturing, installing, repairing, and operating sound systems. Our customers were recording studios, nightclubs, and touring bands. Eventually I moved back to Charlottesville, Virginia and opened a small demo recording studio. In 2006, I finally came to my senses and got this job at Crutchfield. They actually pay me to ramble on, rant, and explain the things I love about music, electronics, and getting good sound.

Be sure to do this to avoid short-circuiting the electrical system during the installation, which could lead to fire or physical harm for you. I’m a car audio fanatic and professional electrical engineer. During college I was a professional installer and even had a side business doing it.

How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House

Mark the amp’s mounting holes on your vehicle’s floor where you want to mount it. Choose a place that has flat floors, such as your trunk, in the passenger seat footwell, or under the rear seats. Check underneath your vehicle to make sure there aren’t any wires or pipes on the other side of where you want the amp. Hold the amp still as you mark the locations of the mounting holes in the corners with a marker or pencil.

Crimp the middle of the connector with a wire crimper so it has a firm connection. Don’t run the RCA cables on the same side as the power cable since you may pick up audio interference when you’re running the amplifier. Run the RCA cable on the opposite side of the vehicle as the power. Look for the blue or silver cable that has red and white inputs on each end. Feed one end of the RCA cable through the hole in the dashboard behind the stereo system and push it through until you see it in the footwell.

Once you have installed the speakers, make sure they are surrounded by padded material, otherwise vibrations of the speakers would result in sub-optimal sound. Wiring your car stereo speakers from an existing factory speaker route can be quite easy, but as mentioned previously, new wiring should always be left to professionals. As you might have already observed there are two colors of wires emerging from the standard factory speaker. The black wire is usually the negative wire and should be attached to the negative terminal on the speaker. The solid or white striped wire is the positivel and should be attached on the positive terminal on the speaker. Do not reverse the polarity of the speakers as opposing speakers will technically cancel each other out.

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