Selena Gomez’s Dating History: Her Relationships Over The Years

Selena Gomez’s Dating History: Her Relationships Over The Years

“I could not have been more grateful to have that relationship at that time.” Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz became friends on the set of “Halloweentown” in 2001, then reconnected over a decade later and began dating. The rapper and singer was rebounding his own on-again off-again relationship with from Bella Hadid when he and Selena were seen making out one night in January 2017. The relationship fizzled quickly, and Zedd later shared that the press attention didn’t help matters any. They initially brushed off the dating rumors that followed after they were seen together at an IHOP In Philadelphia In 2010, but then went public as a couple at the February 2011 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

When pictures emerged of the singer and her new boyfriend on a jet ski, it sparked much speculation, but nothing solid came from this fling. They only went on one date in Central Park, but it was a date that Nick Jonas will forever be trolled for. He told Selena that she should “walk 25ft” behind him, so the press wouldn’t report that they were dating. Here we dive into Selena Gomez’s dating history, which actually includes other men – besides Justin .

Gregg’s current girlfriend, who is a model and actor, is the sister of Cassie Randolph who is, of course, one of The Bachelor’s most notorious contestants. This is because Cassie was the one who ended up with Colton Underwood just before he came out of the closet. Michelle and Cassie, who were born and raised in a Christian family in Orange County, California, remain incredibly close.

Selena Gomez’s Dating History – A Complete List of Boyfriends

‘At the same time, we underscore the work that remains to ensure that all transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming persons are able to live authentically, safely, and with dignity. This work includes ensuring that all persons are able to secure identity documents that fully reflect who they are. Transgender persons deserve to live free from violence, discrimination, and stigma.

Is Gregg Sulkin and Michelle Randolph Still Together?

Shortly after Bieber’s wedding in 2019, a group picture emerged in which Niall had his arm around Selena, making many believe that there could be a potential romance on the table. But again, it turned out that these two are just good friends. In 2014, however, the pair had a huge argument at Coachella over photos of Kylie Jenner on Justin’s phone. Yet, the lovebirds couldn’t stay apart for too long; just a few months later, they were back to being Jelena again (yay!), but split for good in 2015. Gregg continued, “One day, if I continue to work, one thing I want to do with my voice, so to speak, is to make sure that younger actors don’t end up going down the path of some actors that we’ve seen throughout the years.

There’s no doubt that Gregg and Michelle are two of the most gorgeous young people in Hollywood. Michelle is a model after all, and Gregg has played the hunky dude ever since he joined Wizards of Waverly Place in 2010. If you watch the trailer for his new Netflix sitcom, Pretty Smart, alongside Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment, you’d see that Hollywood is still pimping him out as the six-pack, California hottie. So, it makes sense that Michelle is a little protective over her man. Gregg’s ‘Pretty Smart’ character is dealing with some major relationship drama. However, she would have given up her powers in order to have a relationship with Mason, a non-wizard.

One of the fantasy sitcom’s executive producers, Peter Murrieta, recently appeared on the podcast “Wizards of Waverly Pod” and revealed which storyline he wanted to probe into further. Selena Gomez’s iconic character on Disney Channel’s hit show “Wizards of Waverly Place” was actually bisexual, according to the series showrunner. He has been enjoying much success as an actor ever since he has gotten into acting. Thanks to his dapper looks, Gregg has become adored by women from all over the world.

Then there’s the fantasy behind the mystery of celebrity relationships. Fans dream up what’s really going behind the scenes when they’re not quite sure if someone like Dove Cameron is with a man or not. In 2010, fans were convinced he was dating Debby Ryan from Disney Channel. She squashed the rumors by saying they were nothing more than friends.

Both films were shooting in Vancouver and the two met through Lautner’s co-star, Kristen Stewart, who was staying the same hotel as Gomez. At the moment, Selena seems to be single, and she is, without a doubt, rocking it. During an October 2019 interview with Ryan Seacrest, Gomez, 27, explained how the songwriting process helps her heal from heartbreak. Baseball fan goes viral after sprinting onto the field to propose to his girlfriend…

Of course, Dominguez was just another rumored stud added to her relationship timeline – any photos of the two together were actually snapped whilst filming their series Only Murders in the Building. A few years later, Selena and Orlando met in a club in Vegas and seemed extremely cozy, although the actor was dating Katy Perry at the time. Nothing further came from that story and the pair haven’t been spotted together since. Gregg Sulkin has taken his talents to fashion with the launch of Gridlock, a unisex loungewear brand that is based on his own personal style.

When she briefly dated Twilight heartthrob, Taylor Lautner, the constant paparazzi killed their affair before it really started. The public interest was so high that they would get followed everywhere, to dinner, bowling and even around their hotel. The singer and the Headero former One Direction member seemed to be a couple for a hot minute in December 2015. They were spotted on several dates, including a sweet outing to the Santa Monica Pier. The two were reportedly seen kissing at Jenna Dewan’s 35th birthday party early that month.

Randolph first appeared on his page on October 17, 2018, with the caption, “Thank you for coming into my life & making it better. I love you.” You can bet the relationship started way earlier than that. After breaking up with Samantha, Gregg began dating actress Debby Ryan. However, this relationship also didn’t last long and they ended their two years relationship in 2010. That same year, he had a short-lived relationship with fellow actress Britt Robertson that barely lasted for a few months. In 2016, Selena Gomez was also briefly linked to Orlando Bloom, though they’ve both denied that was ever really a thing. The rumors came after pictures of Orlando and her getting cozy in a Las Vegas nightclub surfaced online.

Selena Gomez‘s character on the Disney Channel series Wizards Of Waverly Place was originally meant to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. You can read everything Gregg Sulkin had to say about Disney Channel and more in his full Entertainment Tonight interview. “It’s gotta make sense on a career level for every single person involved.” But besides admiring the 25-year-old singer, Gregg also hopes the cast will one day reunite for an epic Wizards of Waverly Place reunion. “I’m happy it’s happened to a nice person, because a lot of people in this industry, you seem a certain way, and maybe aren’t.” Wizards of Waverly Place has been off the air for six years now, but the memories still live on for both the fans and the cast.

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