Would You Date Someone Sharing The Same Surname?

Would You Date Someone Sharing The Same Surname?

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If Your New Partner Has The Same Name As Your Ex, Here’s How To Deal

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My best friend from childhood is also named Laura, so I definitely could not date another one or it would just be Too Much. I actually remember purposefully not swiping/messaging/texting other Lauras when I was on the dating apps. Haha my family has multiple spouses who married in with the same name as one of the aunts or uncles, though the only one that’s actively frustrating is the one where it’s two women who both changed their names. In the words of Waverly Earp, ‘small dating pool, limited options’. It wasn’t hard to tell who people were talking to from context.

You send each other pictures when you see something with your shared name on it.

Same-surname marriage formed part of the traditional Chinese marriage system, where men and women within the same extended family were not permitted to marry, just as is the case in many patriarchal societies. You decided we weren’t friends anymore when you chose a boy over our friendship — over and over and over again. You decided we weren’t friends anymore when you chose to be jealous instead of happy for me.

Take Psychologist World’s 5-minute memory test to measure your memory. Fake profiles usually have a few warning signs to look out for. These include very little to no information in the bio and pictures that look like stock images. Furthermore, you can update your interests after setting up your profile.

A man taking his wife’s name is often seen as uncommon. However, it’s pretty common for queer couples to take each other’s last names. If you refer to two people with the same last name, repeat their full names for subsequent mentions whenever your reader might not be certain which person you are discussing.

Then again, this also works for people who don’t have the same last name, so still great. Or, if you married into the line, then you may have adopted that surname – but you may not be related to others in the family. I’m getting married in five days (oh shit!), and by taking my last name, my fiance HookupsRanked will end up with nearly the same name as my aunt (dad’s sister) had before my aunt got married. I used to date someone with the same name as myself when it was shortened. The amount of people that thought they were really original and funny by making comments on it used to make me want to rage.

My uncle Andrew married an Andrea, which never seemed odd to me until my uncle signed a text to my dad with “&&&” and confused us all for ten minutes with why they’d do that . It made me realise I couldn’t date another Emily because then we’d be Em and Em and that sounds way too like a certain terrible rapper, or, less awfully, chocolate. I had a friend once explain to me that this tradition had to do with your spirit so there is some kind of explanation out there, but it’s not really well known or focused on.

From the deaths of these children came the Hmong in which made many clans. I know this may seem ridiculous but it’s no different from some of things we believe because of religion and myths in other societies. I’ll be honest, we live in America now and I feel like we should be able to date whoever we want.

This allows you to contact each other using the app’s messaging platform. However, from the 15th century, Korean law clearly stipulated that every man was allowed only one wife (remarrying after a spouse’s death was nearly obligatory for men and nearly prohibited for women). The strict line between the wife and concubines was maintained thoroughly. Marriage has nothing to do with your surname, unless you are related.

As some occupations were very common, many families adopted the same surname despite no blood relationship. For more information on common surnames, including the top 10 most common surnames, read our article here. So even if your family name isn’t super common, it’s a fun topic to think about. Because you never know – you might just get asked if you’re related to some other person with your same last name at the weirdest time possible. My kids share the same last name as most of their Starr cousins. At least from any of my husband’s brother’s families.

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