9 Signs Of A Controlling Partner

9 Signs Of A Controlling Partner

Women need to understand their worth and their right to be autonomous. Being in a healthy relationship where you both respect each other and view each other as equals help both partners grow into better versions of yourselves. It is normal to confide in close family and friends about your relationship.

He knows how to play with your mental health since he’s very good at reading people. Nevertheless, things don’t work out that way when you’re in a controlling relationship. As time passes, his lies and deceptions will start to affect you as well. After a while, you’ll notice how you’re growing apart from your loved ones and how you’re not spending as much time as you used to with them. All manipulative people, including that guy you dated, hide their true colors very skillfully until they get under your skin. They prey on you and drag you into a toxic relationship with them – one that you cannot escape from easily.

Don’t be afraid to confide in authorities or domestic violence hotline to acquire advice on how to move forward. Even if you think about leaving him, you don’t know what your life would be like because you have no friends nor family to lean on and you don’t know what money you would live off . A controlling boyfriend will make sure you feel dependent on him in every single way. In a healthy relationship, your partner will make you feel like the most special person in the world. If your boyfriend treats you like you are nothing, he is trying to break down your confidence. He wants to make sure you don’t dare to leave him for a better life.

He has no intention of stopping the abusive actions. He’s just giving you empty promises to manipulate you into staying with him. Does your boyfriend tell you what to wear, what to eat, how you spend your time, or who you hang out with? He’s not treating you as an independent adult, but like a young child in need of protection. In a good relationship, both parties should be on equal grounds.

Someone who seeks to control you can also act manipulatively. They can try to convince you that their demands of you are for your own good, as well as for the good of the relationship. When they’re around your family and friends, they may be on their best behavior, but privately, they may attempt to gaslight you , making you question your entire relationship. To recognize a manipulative or controlling relationship, check for the symptoms of an abusive partner.

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It wasn’t always fun, but hey, that’s kinda what parents are for. A partner, however, should treat you like, well, a partner. You’re increasingly isolated from friends and family.

Prepare to End the Relationship

No one needs to be babysat, controlled, or told what to do by a delusional Knight in Shining Armor. Anyone who thinks differently tends to see women as fragile, lesser beings. If you notice that your partner has control issues, you need ihookup.com to make a run for it — quickly. The first signs are usually barely recognizable, primarily because most control freaks stay low-key for as long as they can. Sometimes people try to assert power over others and control situations.

One of the early signs of a controlling boyfriend is when he tries to play with your conscience and shifts the blame onto you for anything bad that happens in your relationship. Perhaps he doesn’t like the way you react in certain situations or the way you dress. If he becomes persistent in trying to change you then you can be sure that you’re dealing with a manipulative, controlling person. On the other hand, being in an unhealthy relationship with a controlling man means that he’ll do whatever he can to change you.

You might even hear him say how you don’t deserve his love when you do something wrong. In reality, he is incapable of truly loving another person. He’ll have jealous outbursts if there was any chance that another man was near you when you were away from him. You won’t be allowed to have a life outside of the relationship or keep some things to yourself because he won’t respect your privacy. He wants you to think poorly of yourself; then you’ll believe you can’t find anyone better than him…So he’ll get to control you forever.


Be aware of the way they behave with your family and friends, especially if they antagonize them, argue with them, or talk crap about them constantly. They do something that is totally unacceptable, then ask your forgiveness. They tell you they realize they were wrong, and promises to change. They seem utterly sincere and convincing — and this is what makes them such master manipulators.

Yes, this kind of posturing is a sign of an abuser, and a very delusional one at that. We’re adults and are capable of handling our own affairs, thank you very much. If he “can’t help but do things” you don’t want “for your own good,” ghost him. Medical News Today has strict sourcing guidelines and draws only from peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical journals and associations.

When you’re on the receiving end of controlling behavior, it can make you feel embarrassed,angry, or inferior. In severe cases — which can sometimes include a pattern of behavior called coercive control — you might face threats, intimidation, or abuse. For example, say you have a very controlling boyfriend.

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